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Luke Bryan (Kill The Lights)

PITTSBURGH – A little over a minute into Luke Bryan’s new song “Kick The Dust Up”, amidst the tap of the drum machine, Bryan’s filtered vocal and the swirl of lightly crescendoing synthesizers, you almost expect Kane Beatz to announce he is in the building.

But Luke Bryan and his myriad of song doctors, managers and handlers know that would be the equivalent of having their cake and eating it too.

So they settle for a simple reroute back into the second verse where a twangy guitar plays over a simple, upbeat drum pattern amidst acoustic guitar strums and Bryan singing of a packed bar where the line is out the door.

Therein lies the beauty (and genius) of Luke Bryan – he knows exactly how far to take things.

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Apple Music Playlist

PITTSBURGH – In the past month and a half – since Apple officially went live on June 30th with its new streaming service Apple Music – over 11 million people (including yours truly) have subscribed to the service.

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