90’s Nostalgia from Apple Music

Apple Music Playlist

PITTSBURGH – In the past month and a half – since Apple officially went live on June 30th with its new streaming service Apple Music – over 11 million people (including yours truly) have subscribed to the service.

While Apple Music is currently being offered as a free trial for the first three months, if those 11 million current subscribers choose to continue subscribing after the initial trial period is over in October, Apple would have half the paid memberships of reigning streaming champ Spotify, according to Marco delia Cava of USA Today.

While it seems there are some (or many) who have been highly-critical of Apple Music, I have found it to be a much-needed and welcome addition to my day-to-day music listening/gathering/discovery process.

To wit, the playlist at the top of this post (fyi, the Apple iTunes playlist widget wasn’t working, so we’ll have to go with the screenshot and link as opposed to embedding the playlist directly).

In my short time with Apple Music, I have found three things to my liking:

  1. The “Intro To” and “Deep Cuts” Playlists
  2. The “For You” Playlists
  3. The way it takes you into a music rabbit hole, but ultimately leads to a bright, shiny spot – or playlist.

The last part is what led to the “August 2015: Pop Punk Playlist”.

It all started when a “For You” Playlist suggestion had the song “Flavor Of The Weak” by American Hi-Fi listed:

I remember listening to this song multiple times during the summer of 2000 while making the 25-30 minute drive in my Jeep Wrangler (top down, of course) from downtown Charleston, S.C. to my job at Kiawah Island.

As the above paragraph indicates, this song was heavy on the nostalgia. So, from there my interest was piqued to take a deep dive into that time period (late 90’s/early 2000’s) and try to find songs of a similar ilk.

So after typing American Hi-Fi into the Apple Music Search Bar it gave me these playlist options…

Playlist 1

…which led me to Harvey Danger, Rancid, Weezer, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and the Offspring.

Playlist 2Playlist 3








From there, this sparked me to remember 90’s one-hit wonder Goldfinger, and their ska-influenced song “Here In Your Bedroom”. This then inspired a search for other 90’s ska pioneers, Reel Big Fish and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, while also remembering the ska-punk blast-off “Same In The End” from Sublime that also found its way onto the playlist.

So, there you have it.

One song led to another, which led to another and so on…

But we’re still not done.

While fully ramped up on all things 90’s, another playlist was born – this one a bit more subdued in terms of musical styles, but still just as 90’s…

Playlist 4

Ultimately, this 90’s nostalgia time warp would not have been happened (or been possible) without Apple Music. And what’s better is it’s introduced me to even more playlists and deeper dives into obscure songs from artists I already like as the algorithm does its job…

Playlist 7

Playlist 6



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