The Top 6 Best Country Songs Right Now

sam-hunt-super-bowl-51-2017-concertPITTSBURGH – Music is largely based on mood. What music fits this moment I’m currently in?

Driving down the highway on a sunny, 75° degree day would likely elicit a different mental response than sitting inside a cold apartment, when it’s rainy and 43° degrees outside. There are millions of different scenarios like this – this is just one.

But it’s an important part of making and curating playlists, especially when it comes to specific genres of music, relative to the playlist you are making.

For instance, my personal preference of listening to country music largely depends on the weather. And because 95% of the country songs I prefer are of the ‘upbeat’ variety, listening to upbeat songs usually doesn’t fit the mood of the cold, dreary winter months¹

But now, with April upon us and the summer months on the horizon, the country songs and playlists on my iPhone are getting more and more streams each and everyday.

Below is a list of 11 songs that are currently in heavy rotation. They are ordered in sequence of when they were added to the playlist – not in order of best to worst.

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